Day 2 – May 9th

HAB enjoyed some beautiful Washington weather and was able to complete the entire Wapato Lake buffered alum application in one day (16,000 gallons of alum and 9,000 gallons of buffer).  Wapato is a sensitive lake with a lower buffering capacity and requires an exact application of the alum and buffer to complete the project safely.  HAB’s application equipment is well-suited for the precision required for the Wapato Lake restoration project.  The exact dose is programed into our software and inline flow sensors measure the flow of alum and buffer through the distribution lines in real time.  Automated values, which are controlled by a computer, open and close as needed to adjust for barge speed, location and depth to make certain the prescribed dose is applied. Any gaps in coverage would allow for phosphorus from untreated lakebed sediments to leach into the overlying water column and stimulate future algal blooms.  An onboard computer system ensures that application is complete and uniform by integrating the location of the barge with GPS, the barge speed, water depth and alum flow rates.  Tadd Barrow (HAB’s application specialist) follows a grid and each application path is recored and displayed on the guidance monitor to prevent gaps in the application.  At the end of the project, HAB produces a coverage map showing every application path and confirms the complete coverage of the lake.  HAB relied on the precision of the dose metering system and made multiple adjustments throughout the day in the alum-to-buffer ratio, which was needed to accommodate the sensitive nature of the Wapato Lake.



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